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Monday, 24 December 2012

Moscatel Superior 10 Anos Horácio Simões

17 / 20
Producer: Casa Horácio Simões
Region: Setúbal
Country: Portugal

Superior is a suffix guaranteeing the quality for this Moscatel from Setúbal (like Reserva on table wines). This 10 year old certainly deserves it, as it is a delightful and powerful Moscatel.

Sweet aromas, a bit of candles, english cake, exotic woods and dry figs compose an intense, powerful but elegant bouquet.

Shows its sweetness in the palate, but it's never excessive. There's a good acidity here, giving it some backbone and supporting the figs and the raisins that appear here. There appear to be some tannins lurking around as well - at least it feels like it i the gums.

Really long finish, very persistent with notes of crystalized orange skins. Still very young, this will age and last for years.

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