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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Saurus Barrel Fermented Malbec 2008

15.5 / 20
Producer: Bodega Familia Schroeder
Region: Patagonia
Country: Argentina

I had some good expectations about this, since the other wines I've tasted from this producer from Patagonia had been very enjoyable - I really liked their Select Malbec, for instance.

This particular brand of wines is fermented in the oak barrels (as opposed to aging there after fermentation). I think the goal is to produce a more elegant, constrained Malbec, but overall I felt a little disappointed with it.

The nose felt subdued, hidden, hints of sweet red fruit noticeable in the background, uderneath some unfocused toast notes.

Average structure in the mouth, a good deal of acidity but the flavors also feel hidden, without much expression. The tannins here are still very much to the foreground, maybe overshadowing the rest of the taste. Time gives it more grace in the palate, giving it some more presence, backed by juicy, red fruits.

Could probably benefit from some cellaring or a longer decantation.

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