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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Quinta do Javali 10 Years Old Tawny

16 / 20
Producer: Quinta do Javali
Region: Porto
Country: Portugal

Opened this for the Christmas season - the goal was to have a good companion for the after dinner cigars so I thought this 10 year tawny would still have the strength to go down well with cigars and maybe pair with some leftover desserts.

Keeping on the dessert theme, english cake was the first thing that came to mind in the bouquet - a mixture of spices, crystalized fruits in a background of sweetness. When I first poured it, I felt the aguardente was too much to the foreground, hiding the more subtle aromas.

That same feeling marked the first taste, with the aguardente giving it a drier style, but at the same time taking the cherry notes to an almost kirsch level, which was not what I expected. Given time, this is corrected and the wine comes along as a very well balanced tawny, with a good acidity and a decent amount of dried sweet figs.

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