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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Attems Ribolla Gialla 2008

15.0 / 20
Producer: Attems
Region: Venezia Giulia
Country: Italy

A white from the Venezia Region, northern Italy, made exclusively with a local grape type - Ribolla Gialla, this white showed a light golden color, hinting at some evolution. Discreet and subdued in the nose, it showed some vegetable hints, along with some flowers and spices hiding in the background.

Soft bodied, again not showing a lot of expression in the taste, it shows some more evolution notes - an unctuous, honeyed feel that is balanced out by a lemony, fresh side. As time goes by, this citrus feel - along with some flowers - gains more momentum.

Definitely not one to age, hunt the more recent vintage as this wil probably make for a nice aperitif if drunk young.

Tasted on 2012-04-01

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