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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lion's Land Shiraz Pinotage 2008

15.0 / 20
Producer: Lion's Land
Region: Swartland
Country: South Africa

Clear garnet, this is a blend of Shiraz and Pinotage, pinotage being South Africa's signature variety. Apparently, it's a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. I believe this was the first time I tasted a Pinotage wine and I definitely see the link to Pinot Noir, both in the light color of the wine and in some earthy/smoky scents and flavors that I usually associate with Pinot Noir.

The bouquet brings some dried plums and jam, a bit monotone at first. It becomes a little more interesting as it opens, revealing the afore mentioned earth/smoke notes as well as a spicier, peppery side.

The first taste reveals a light body and a good deal of acidity. Surprisingly, I felt a lot more red fruits here than in the nose. As with the nose, as it opens the palate becomes more revealing and the dried plums and jam in the nose also appear here. Lightly structured and with balanced tannins, both the acidity and the spicier, peppery notes give it some interest. Medium length finish wraps up the taste.

Tasted on 2012-10-20

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