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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage 1999

17.0 / 20
Producer: Graham's
Region: Porto
Country: Portugal

In the years when there is no general Vintage declaration and the classical vintages are not bottled, single quinta vintages are usually produced - at least recently. More easily approachable in their youth than the classical vintages, these usually offer great value for a lower price than their classical cousins - and sometimes they're every bit as good as them (I'm thinking Quinta do Vesúvio right now).

This port is the single quinta from Graham's. The grapes used for this wine are usually the backbone of the great Graham's vintages. I had the opportunity to taste this wine a year and a half ago in a wine fair in Oporto and was completely blown away by it - amazing aromas and flavors and an amazing depth and complexity.

This time, the wine felt more restrained and closed than before. Although allowed a good decanting time, it never seemed to get to that level of expressiveness that I remembered. Lots of plums in the nose, a touch of oak/smoke, some raisins. Feels very young and restrained, as if the full set of aromas are there but unable to break out.

Still impressively structured in the palate, with really velvet smooth tannins and a good acidity, it shows some meaty red plums - also some dried plums and raising give it some residual sweetness. Really good persistence.

I'd say that you should not drink this right now. It's probably going through a closed phase right now - not uncommon in vintage Port. Hold on to it for a couple of years more - it should be worth it.

Tasted on 2012-07-07

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