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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Campolargo Branco do Tonel 2010

16.0 / 20
Producer: Campolargo
Region: Bairrada
Country: Portugal

I believe the Bairrada region is capable of producing some of the best white wines coming out of Portugal. Not fruit-forward at all, but relying on a backbone of acidity and mineral tones that give them a distinct, exciting and refreshing edge.

This is a pretty good example of that distinctive approach, starting with the bouquet, where the mainly mineral notes meet some boiled pears and apples - this is 80% bical and 20% chardonnay and the chardonnay comes through in the nose.

Great acidity in the mouth, feeling very lively and fresh. Distinct and almost austere in the approach, it feels mineral and lemony but balanced out by some weight and unctuosity that starts on the mid-palate and keeps going until the good, average length, dry finish.

Will probably grow in the bottle. I would certainly like to taste it in a couple of years and see its evolution.

Tasted on 2012-04-18

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