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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Syrah 24 2007

16.5 / 20
Producer: Quinta do Monte de Oiro
Region: Lisboa
Country: Portugal

I really appreciate most of the work José Bento dos Santos has done over the years, both in wines (with Quinta do Monte de Oiro) and in food/gastronomy. So I was really looking forward to tasting this new top super-premium wine from Quinta do Monte de Oiro. Unfortunately, this did not meet my expectations. Maybe I was expecting too much or I failed to understand it or maybe there was just something slightly off with the bottle.

Ruby colored, the nose is very delicate and balanced, showing some spices and discreet ripe fruit, with hints of jam. A nice toast/oaky background wraps up the bouquet.

Delicate in the palate as well, averagely structured, it still has a good, fresh acidity and shows intense red fruits mixed with coffee and some chocolate. Tannins are very balanced, supporting the structure but not enhancing it. Overall, delicate and balanced with a nice, yet average length ending but it feels it's lacking something.

As one can see from the score, this is not a bad wine by any means. But if you compare it with Monte de Oiro Reserva (which sells for roughly half the price of this), I think the Reserva stands out - but that's my taste.

Tasted on 2012-06-07

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