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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Moscatel Roxo Horácio Simões 2007

16.5 / 20
Producer: Casa Agrícola Horácio Simões
Region: Setúbal
Country: Portugal

This year - 2012 - the city of Palmela is the European City of Wine which is great news for anyone living nearby, since there are a lot of events dedicated to wine where one can taste - and buy - wines from the region. One of the most renowned is the Moscatel Roxo, a rare subtype of Moscatel.

This one, from Horácio Simões, was a good surprise. Starting with the dark amber, almost brown color with some noticeable red tinges and following up with a quite complex, exquisite bouquet, where raisins and dried figs mingle with almonds and hazelnuts with some spices - cloves, maybe - in the background.

Very good presence in the palate, with a delightful full body, filled with honey and dried figs and, unexpectedly for me at least, some present, while tamed and balanced, tannins that give it an edge. I though this was very well balanced, showing on one side some young, edgy and fresh notes and on the other some sweeter, fuller, evolved notes.

Good, intense finish, long and persistent bringing to mind some cocoa amidst the dried figs.

By all means, a dessert wine. Or pair it with a milder cigar.

Tasted on 2012-04-23

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