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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Grande Follies 2003

16.5 / 20
Producer: Aveleda
Region: Bairrada
Country: Portugal

Top brand from Aveleda, I remember the white version as a remarkable white wine from the Bairrada. This red version, although a good wine by all standards, did not stand out so much.

Impressive dark purple color for its age, the bouquet shows lots of dark plums, a hint of smoke and lots of chocolate and coffee. A jammy, sweeter side also creeps up here and there on an intense, with slight evolution notes bouquet.

Full-bodied in the mouth, very structured and still showing hard, lively tannins, the taste continues showing some plums, chocolate and coffee. Balanced and tuned, there are some mixed feelings on whether this will still grow in the bottle for a long time. Finishes long and smooth with notes of jam and blueberries.

Tasted on 2012-03-17

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