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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Yacochuya 2000

18.0 / 20
Producer: San Pedro de Yacochuya
Region: Salta
Country: Argentina

A Malbec from Argentina made by Michel Rolland and highly praised by Robert Parker, this could easily be one of those wines that fail to meet expectations.

But fortunately, this is a very rewarding, deep and imposing wine that is a pleasure to all senses. Strong in the nose, with nicely tuned coffee and toast notes, a hint of spices and still showing, after 10 years in the bottle, evident notes of of opulent dark plums.

This is still a dense, layered and complex wine, supported by still lively and hard tannins and a fresh acidity. This is perfectly balanced by the spices present in the body that, along with some leather notes and some plums, make an outstanding, full and fulfilling taste, that somehow comes across as elegant. Very long finish.

Given the acidity and the tannins the wine still shows, I'm quite sure this will last for some years.

Tasted on 2012-01-21

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