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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Viúva Gomes 2004

16.0 / 20
Producer: Jacinto Lopes Baeta, Filhos
Region: Colares
Country: Portugal

The Colares region - near Sintra - was once one of the major portuguese wine producing regions. Due to the sea proximity and the sandy soil, vines tend to grow very close to the ground and planting a new vine is quite an effort, involving digging a hole in the sand until enough earth is found to root the vine. Wines from Colares are definitely and unashamedly old-worldly, steering very far from the fruity, easy to drink wines that rule the markets. But still, worth tasting if not only for the experience.

Garnet in the glass, the bouquet is definitely tertiary, with some nice leather notes, old cupboards but still showing a lot of life. A definite earthy touch and, in the background, some acid red berries compose the set.

Good acidity in the mouth, with the tannins still going strong after seven years in bottle. Mainly leather and coffee/toast notes in the palate, this wine shows a rather soft, yet pleasant body. Low in alcohol and very pleasant to taste, this finishes with a medium persistence, always keeping the leather and coffee/toast notes.

A very different wine from the mainstream wines, this is really worth tasting if you want to experience something different.

Tasted on 2012-02-16

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